Winner of Swedish Beauty Awards

The jury’s motivation: “Unisex perfume that offers a new way of thinking through the opportunity to combine unforgettable scent experience”


We embrace the individual and living in the now, where every day is a new adventure. Your skin might not always love adventures as much as you do, but don’t worry – we’ve made it easy to prepare your skin for all the demands of the life you live. Welcome to skincare that meets your skins needs in every situation, environment and season.


All of our perfumes are carefully formulated in Paris in order to ensure sophisticated individual fragrances whilst maintaining the perfect environment for fragrance layering. They are selected from all olfactive groups to cover the whole spectrum of scents. Layering fragrances may sound complicated, but it is simple. It is all about balance and personal preference. / N.C.P.

All of our Fragrances can be found in 50 ml eau de parfum, 10 ml eau de parfum and 5 ml Roll On ampule.